IGCP 653 - Annual Meeting 2017

Filling the gap between the Cambrian Explosion and the GOBE
October 8 - October 12, 2017. Yichang, China

Last update10-29-2017


Provisional programme

Oct. 8 (Sunday), 2017: Arrival, registration (ice breaker).

Oct. 9 (Monday), 2017: Oral and poster presentations.

Oct. 10 (Tuesday), 2017: Oral and poster presentations, workshop.

Oct. 11 (Wednesday), 2017: Mid-conference field trip.

Oct. 12 (Thursday), 2017: Oral and poster presentations, conference banquet.

Oct. 13—Oct. 18, 2017: Post-conference field excursion in Hubei and Hunan provinces.

Oct. 19 (Thursday), 2017: Departures.


Academic sessions

We are going to invite several keynote speakers, focusing on the topics of IGCP 653 project, including biodiversity, palaeoecosystem, palaeoclimatology, palaeoceanography, geochemistry, etc. For the regular oral presentations, 20 minutes will be arranged including questions and answers, while for each keynote talk, 40 minutes including discussions will be arranged. Posters should be prepared with the size 120 cm (height) x 80 cm (width). Generally, one oral presentation and one poster will be guaranteed for each registered participant.


Mid-conference Field Trip

A one-day mid-conference field trip will be organized to visit the Furongian to the Upper Ordovician successions, including the GSSPs of the Dapingian (Huanghuachang section) and Hirnantian (Wangjiawan North section) stages near the Yichang city (sites 1 and 2 on the index map), and a few scenic spots and historical sites of Yangtze Gorges.

Leaders: Zhang Yuandong, Fan Junxuan, Chen Qing et al.


Post-conference Field Excursion

A six-day post-conference field excursion (Oct. 13 to Oct. 18, 2017) will be arranged to investigate a number of classic sections of the Guzhangian (Series 3, Cambrian) to Upper Ordovician around the Yangtze Gorges area (sites 3 through 9 on the index map). These sections include at least the Gudongkou section (Xingshan, Hubei), Xiangshuidong and Liujiachang sections (Songzi, Hubei), Wentang section (Zhangjiajie, Hunan), and the GSSPs of the Paibian Stage (Furongian Series, Huayuan, Hunan) and the Guzhangian Stage (Series 3 of Cambrian, Guzhang, Hunan). Participants will be able to find fossils of trilobites, brachiopods, graptolites, bryozoans, nautiloids, echinoderms, etc. During the excursion, visits to the Yangtze Gorges National Geopark and the Zhangjiajie UNESCO Global Geopark, will be arranged optionally if time permits. The excursion will start in Yichang on Oct. 13, and end in Changsha (capital city of the Hunan Province) on Oct. 18 (probably late in the afternoon), where there are many direct international flights to Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, United States (Los Angles), Germany (Frankfurt), Hong Kong, etc., and domestic flights to other cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Nanjing.